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Trump is changing America and its having a ripple effect around the world. People are feeling empowered to speak the truth and leaders who have held positions of power and trust are being called out for their failures. In France, the people have not stopped in their calls for Macron to step down.

The leadership in France with it sick connections and history of putting pedophiles in power is coming to the end of its days.

Macron, with his new wife whom he's known since a child is exposing the world that Fiona Barnett describes. Children groomed to serve and not think. Children who will do anything they've been told and who submit to any type of abuse.

Children who are grown, that are third and fourth generation incest victims. There are some who are awake and don't accept the life they've been subjected to, and they're talking.

How many will be writing books about their abusers and families?

The Obama's are going to be the first to be exposed. Will Sasha tell? Where is Sasha Obama? Is she safe, or cloned?

Obama was put in the White House to help bring down the "Black" communities and be the liar full of promises that were never to be kept, but to garner votes and nothing else.

Under his watch, life in the inner cities has been the worst ever, and with Trump in office the "LIGHT" is starting to shine in the communities of color. The attacks on Trump for waking up "Black" Americans and voters has been relentless and brutal.

Everything from "FAKE" stories in the news, defamation of his character and family, to multiple attempts on his life.

Voter fraud is...
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The Iran Swamp Creatures of the USA - Who Took Bribes On Nuclear Deal???

What in the world is being concealed from the people of the world that many of the Iranian people in the streets protesting know? What doesn't the government of Iran to get leaked?


Starring: John Kerry. Obama. Valerie Jarrett. Peter Strzok. Lisa Page. Frank Guistra. Bill Clinton. And special appearances by many other creatures with names known and unknown (until now!) more...

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Amazing Polly - IRANADA - Iran International Swamp Part 2

Who were the people on the downed Ukrainian Airlines flight out of Tehran, Iran? Most passengers were bound for C-a-n-a-d-a.. why? Is this a re-run of the CIA's Project AERODYNAMIC?

What clues are there that the True North is infiltrated by operatives from that middle eastern country?